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About Us

"Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more." By Loris Malaguzzi


Your child is unique and precious. At Joyful Kids, we work hard to provide the best care and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for your child because we care and realize that they are not only your child, but our future. At Joyful Kids, here is what we mean by C.A.R.E.:


C: Cheer for every little step of achievement.

A: Acknowledge their differences and uniqueness.

R: Respect their origins and cultures.

E: Empower their imagination. 

​Mission Statement​


Our program is created for both native English speaking children and children whose primary language is Mandarin Chinese. By offering them a bilingual environment where native English speaking children are exposed to a second language, while Mandarin Chinese speaking children will have extended language learning experiences.At the same time, we will make sure they are prepared for kindergarten at the time they graduate from preschool. Our professional teachers will use different and creative techniques such as story-telling, singing, dancing, and drawing to make learning fun in both languages! Our program values team work, group projects, and social interaction between children and children with adults. Our teacher creates activities that reflect these values.

Benefits of raising bilingual children

  1. Bilingual children have a better ability to focus and ignore distractions in the environment.

  2. Bilingual kids can switch from one activity to another faster and are better at multitasking than monolinguals.

  3. Bilinguals have increased mental flexibility and creativity.

  4. Bilingual children in dual-immersion schools have been shown in one study to score higher on both verbal and math standardized tests conducted in English.

  5. Bilingual children display stronger logic skills and are better equipped than monolinguals at solving certain mental puzzles.

  6. The advantages of being bilingual carry over throughout your life, as bilingualism alters your brain chemistry, which has been linked to staving off the onset of alzheimer’s.

  7. Click to read more about benefits of raising bilingual child. 

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