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Our Programs

Parkside Joyful Kids Academy is a Montessori and Regio Emelia inspired preschool that offers instruction to Infant, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten age children. Our program is playful and academically enriching. We offer full day, and half day programs. 


Not potty trained? No problem. We will help them get there.


Parkside Joyful Kids Academy provides FREE meals snacks to all enrolled children.  

We C.A.R.E. :

C:   Cheer for every little step of   achievement.


A:   Acknowledge their               differences and uniqueness.


R:   Respect their origins and cultures.


E:   Empower their imagination. 

Infant:  Age 6 week - 9 months


Babies spend their time in a safe and comfortable environ-ment with soft toys, colorful carpet, swings, mobiles, tummy time mats, and soothing music. Our fully trained and qualified infant teachers not only cuddling but also talking to them to instill language and social development.

Our infant classroom has no shoes policy. We keep the room spotlessly clean for your baby!

Toddler: Age 9 -  18 months  &  18 - 30 months

Toddlers love to explore and to experiment! They transition to classes where they can build with blocks, play with puzzles and use sensory materials like playdough and sand! They move from playing alone to playing actively in groups. Their social behaviors are more meaningful when they learn sharing, taking turns, respecting, and listening.


Our toddlers have two classrooms, the Tiny Tigers and the Little Ducklings. Tiny Tigers serves children 9-18 months and Little Ducklings serves children 18-30 months. This provides us the opportunity to meet the children's developmental needs in the proper environment.

Preschool:  Age 2 - 4 years


Preschoolers are learning and exploring the surroundings with paint brushes, magnifying glasses and other tools. They enjoy playing in our dramatic play area and serve "meals" with friends. They color, cut, glue, mix, fold and build to develop fine motor skills. They love to go outside and take a walk on our meeting the neighborhood trips!

Pre-K:  Age 4 - 5 years


They are thinkers. They ask tons of questions, and they love reading stories. They learn to write their names, letters, and begin truly counting with not tears! They learn about the calendar, weather, and feelings. They enjoy group play, show and tell,  and role playing with peers. 

They are getting ready to go to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten:  Age 5 to 1st grade entry

Kindergarten before and after school program is an extension of learning and fun. We provide transportation to near by elementary schools. Our teachers help when it is time to get homework done and provide a stress free environment to unwind after a hard day in the classroom! 

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