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Our Curriculum

Parkside Joyful Kids Academy is a Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach inspired preschool, where you can find the best integration of the two philosophies and practices. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop their motor, language, sensory, cognitive, imaginative, and social skills. We set up different areas in the classroom that meet children’s developmental needs.
Dublin Preschool
Motor Skill Development

The outside play area allows children to use their bodies for jumping, climbing, riding, and playing games. This is good exercise for the body and the brain.

Language Development

We foster language development through group time, free play, and structured activities such as music,  story time, and show and tell.

Cognitive Development

Work areas are equiped with materials that children can use to pour, write, draw, color, measure, and build .

Sensory Development

We provide areas with sensory material where children can touch, smell, watch and listen to understand the senses.

Imaginative Development

We have provided areas equiped with dramatic play materials such as dress up, dolls, and kitchen. Materials change to reflect different classroom themes.

Social  Development

Teachers guide large and small-group activities, as well as encourage independence and co-operative play. Snacks and lunch are served family style to reflect social life and meet each childs individual needs.

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