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A sample daily schedule


A fun day starts with circle time. The teacher will introduce the daily lesson, talk about the weather, update the calendar, sing songs and play games. During the day, children will have morning and afternoon outdoor time to develop large motor skills.  The center is open from 7:30am - 6:00pm. 


*Below is a sample schedule. Actual schedules vary by classroom and age. 




7:30                                 Morning drop off

8:00                                  Morning outdoor

9:00                                  Morning snack

9:30                                  Morning circle time

10:30                                Small group time - academic & art

11:15                                Outdoor 

12:00                                 Lunch

12:30                                 Nap 

3:00                                    Afternoon snack & circle

4:00                                    Small group activity

4:45                                    Outdoor

5:30                                    Free choice

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