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A healthy diet, a happy child   Snacks and lunch are served in family style 

FREE breakfast, snacks and hot lunch for all!


We provide a variety of healthy food choices during meals and snacks and encourage children to try new foods.  Our snacks include many organic products, particularly are: 

  • Organic dairy

  • Organic meat

  • Organic cereal

  • Organic fruits

  • No fried food served

  • Low sugar

Sample Snack

Our director will carefully choose everyday snacks to make sure children have a balanced diet, and our snacks don’t have added sugar and artificial flavors. Among snacks we serve, we choose seasonal ORGANIC products. Our snack menu changes every day and will be posted a week ahead. Portion each child eats is carefully monitored as well.

  • 6oz of 2% milk
  • 2 scoops of cereal
  • One half banana


Sample Lunch

We offer hot, freshly cooked lunch using the best ingredients and made children friendly. We use ORGANIC ingredients such as chicken, ground beef, spaghetti, and vegetables to prepare lunch. When it is cooked, we use less oil and less salt. We do NOT use frozen ingredients in our lunches. All vegetables and meats are ordered fresh weekly. Lunch menu is posted one week ahead for parents to choose.

  • Organic spaghetti cooked with ground beef and brocolli.
  • Served with water or milk.
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